Калькулятор sharp el-506p инструкция русский

Mine was purchased on eBay for $1 with $6.63 shipping together with a working TI 3500 (no cord), TI 30 (LED) and TI 2510. Good cosmetic and working condition except the middle section of the LCD appears to have a bubble or separation. See (in Japanese). Vintage Calculators states that Lloyd’s was a subsidary of Rockwell. Mine was purchased on eBay on 2-7-06 for $1 with $6.63 shipping along with a TI-3500 (no cord), TI-30 (LED) and early LCD Databrain (damaged LCD), all working. A great deal! The only problem is one of the seven segments in the far right LED is not working. Standard 4 KB RAM. Expansion RAM card with own battery available.

The photo was taken holding the calculator against a blue sky. (Looking closely you can see the reflection of me and the camera.) The calculator is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. It was a gift from my sister which she used teaching adults several years ago. Floating and fixed (0, 2 or 4) decimal. Hewlett Packard Museum Slide Rules, a good introduction to the history, theory and use of slide rules. Sharp EL 501v, purchased new at Office Depot in August 2003 for $7, but after rebate it was free! I bought another one in July 2004 at Target for $2.98. The calculator does everything a TI SR-50 did and more including conversions in different base systems.
Came with 5.5″ x 8″ guidebook (150+ pages), quick reference manual and box. Introduced the same year as the TI 3000, TI 3500 and Garrett 2002. Purchased on eBay in about 2004. Battery contacts have corrossion, but after sanding the calculator works. Many of the early desktop calculators also seem to work this way. It has a single memory, a +/- key, floating and fixed decimals (4, 2, and $) and a summation button. I could not find much information about the calculator. Mine was purchased on eBay on June 5, 2005 for $9.99 plus $8 shipping. It is the overhead model with the calculator connected with ribbon cable to a glass viewing screen for use on an overhead projector. I believe it was orginally several hundered dollars with the viewing screen. Выход из режима исполнения происходит либо принудительно, по команде оператора (такое прерывание обычно является аварийным), либо по достижении команды завершения либо приостановки исполнения, находящейся в самой программе.

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