Интернет через usb tethering инструкция

интернет через usb tethering инструкция
Tap and hold a button to view more detailed settings. Ensure that the computer that you connect to supports the Bluetooth feature. 1 Pair your device with the other device via Bluetooth. After fully charging, disconnect the device from the charger. The ability to switch the product On, Off or set it to Charger Only via the CCGX will be disabled. Follow all posted warnings and directions from authorised personnel in areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted, such as aeroplanes and hospitals. 17. Getting started 17 Locking and unlocking the screen Pressing the Power button turns off the screen and locks it.

Managing the Apps screen Changing the sorting method On the Apps screen, tap → Sort items and select a sorting method. But it takes up more memory. • Video size: Select a resolution. Dream shot Use this mode to take photos using various photo templates. On the Apps screen, tap Camera → MODE → Dream shot → . Select a template to use for taking a photo.

One customer has come up with an even more advanced plan. Note that these measurements are only used for displaying purposes, and that they are not used, nor necessary, for any algorithms to operate. After downloading all of the necessary software, most devices function somewhat the same when it comes to tethering. Using the mobile hotspot Use your device as a mobile hotspot to share your device’s mobile data connection with other devices. 1 On the Apps screen, tap Settings → Tethering. 2 Tap the Wi-Fi tethering switch to activate it. • appears on the status bar.

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