Инструкцию к hd portadie dvr

инструкцию к hd portadie dvr
Digital Voice Operated Squelch (DVOS™}, telemetry tones, and private voice mail sioi $299 mm. hFllp^/www.spvCtrun>~usa torn 800-566-2700 t*i -10Q-335-S4&1 CIRCLE 69 ON READER SERVICE CARD (208) 852-0830 YAESU Fr-LOOOD Under $ 4225 3^mU*f mviaq* art A£fl. JCOM, Aatron, truiheran. Each cassette has its own plastic storage box. The custom settings allow you to save desired center IrcqueneyYband- width, low pass/high pass cutoffs, auto/ manual notch, noise reduction or other settings. Full legal power 1 .8-30 MHz. Mounting tabs.

Construction Insulated house wire (#12 stranded) was used to form the loop. The new an- tennas worked per- fectly, with a l.l to 1. 2 SWR. They arc full quieting; no more white noise on the system. The one area where this filter really ex- celled was when using it with the digital modes, «Out of the box. the pre-set digital modes sounded like a commercial tape. Since the box is plastic, I found that I could create a single elongated hole surrounding all five buttons l allowing them to be de- pressed.

Added benefit fs the knowledge to maintain it yoursetf for years to come. See Fig, 4. These twisted loops will be cut, stripped, tinned, and sol- dcred directly to the terminals of S2 later After winding LI, check to see that you have a twisted loop tap every two turns. You can crank up the filters to the point where you think there’s no one else on the band. Brushed aluminum frame, MFJ-112 shows hour/minute/ second, day, month, date, year at any QTH on world map, 1 2 or 24 hour dispiav. Electronically, a UPS consists of a bat- tery bank, a DC-io-AC inverter, and the sensing/switching circuitry. Sec oiut if yo ft ha \ e reached a code plateau that’s proof positive that you have not been paying any attention to my editorials.

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