Инструкция тст

инструкция тст
Set Adobe Reader to display one page at a time, full frame. This annual requirement for all operations personnel includes the 2017 TCT Class slide Presentation, 2017 TCT Facilitator Resource Guide, and the 2017 TCT Participant Reference. Technical drawing-skills are not of essential impact in working with the test. On the test sheet some special figural fragments are offered, which are to stimulate further drawing in a very free and open, non-specified way.

The slide show is also available in a read only PowerPoint format on our Workshop Archives page. The stand includes a torque loading plate with tapped holes for grip and custom fixture mounting and a resetable angle indicator. FeaturesThe TCT-DP is also available in a German version(TSD-Z). While the core elements of TST remain intact, many developments have taken place since Dr. Saxe’s arrival at NYU, as a result of being part of such a rich clinical, academic and research environment.

The use of drawing as modality of expression shall guarantee the highest possible degree of cultural fairness, which is not usually given in verbal creativity tests. This is to insure that all is in compliance with the latest and often changing CG and CG Auxiliary policies and procedures. To insure that the material will be presented as reviewed and approved, we only publish them in PDF (or read only .pptx) format. There are 3 documents, the facilitator presentation slides, a guide for the facilitator, and a guide for the student. The opportunities for collaboration in this dynamic setting have helped TST to grow, and will continue to help move it into exciting new directions. A Manual Stored Ticket (MST) is a TST that has been created manually, or an automatic TST that has been updated manually. ImportantThe information you read in this manual cannot replace the relationship that you have with your health care professional.

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