Инструкция трансформер оптимус

инструкция трансформер оптимус
Included is a wall-plugging (Japanese) A/C adaptor with a long lead that plugs into the reverse of the trailer. Smallest Transforming Transformers You didn’t find my trailer, did you? Optimus Prime Gold Version (Deluxe, 2010) Accessories: Ion-Axe A gold-chromed version of the Deluxe-class Battle Begins Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime Gold Version was made available to residents of Japan via a lottery. Titanium Series Optimus Prime (6″ Cybertron Heroes, 2009) Accessories: Ion blaster, display stand A Target-exclusive redeco of War Within Optimus Prime in live-action film-inspired colors.

Beast Wars continued to use line drawings of the toys with two-tone shading. The first wave Pretenders had straight line art of the toys… …while the second wave got more of a character interpretation, with posing and altered proportions. 1989: Hot House is so important that he isn’t even in the art! Packaged samples of this toy were produced, but it was ultimately never released.

The Basic and Deluxe figures, which came packaged on blister cards, once again featured their instructions printed on the their cardbacks. Some units feature Optimus Prime’s vehicle mode facing on the top in-package. Yup, that’s right—if you smash him into a wall or other toys he will transform. Они доставили Ориона в мастерскую мудрого Альфа Триона, и тот реконструировал Ориона в настоящего воина.

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