Инструкция стента promus element

инструкция стента promus element
Bayesian analyses may be interpreted in a more intuitive way than frequentist analyses because they treat the parameter of interest as a random variable rather than as a fixed unknown value. This design is therefore more conservative than non-conditional borrowing. Use only product literature from the region where the patient procedure is performed. Directions for Use and Product Manuals for Healthcare Professionals These documents may change without notice; this website will always contain the most current version. Longitudinal Stent Deformation Longitudinal stent deformation is a recognized potential failure mode of coronary stents.

The PtCr stent series consists of the OMEGA™ bare metal, TAXUS™ Element™ (ION™) paclitaxel-eluting and PROMUS Element™ everolimus-eluting coronary stent systems. The control group comprised 125 intent-to-treat subjects with RVD ≥2.25 to <2.75 mm and lesion length ≤20 mm of whom 108 subjects had QCA at 9-month follow-up. A total of 224 subjects from 28 United States sites were enrolled. The material properties of platinum chromium, in conjunction with the Element stent design, are expected to provide stent recoil that is similar to 316L stainless steel stent platforms and reduced compared with current cobalt chromium alloy stent platforms. These tests are not indicative of clinical performance. 4Compared with Abbott Xience Prime and Boston Scientific Promus Element. Подавляя клеточное деление, паклитаксел, как и сиролимус, препятствует рестенозированию. Например, в составе коронарного стента CYPHER компании «Cordis Corporation» входит цитостатическое вещество, угнетающее процессы деления клеток, препятствуя пролиферации гладкомышечных клеток и образованию неоинтимы.
The PROMUS Element Plus and Promus PREMIER stent systems each consists of two components: the stent and the catheter delivery system. Although a rare event, the occurrence of stent deformation may result in the need for additional treatment including repeat dilatation of the implanted stent, placement of a second stent, and/or surgical intervention. Number of specimens in each category is shown as n/N. (B) Number of specimens with extensive fibrin deposition (score 3) at each timepoint. The maximal in-vitro temperature rise was calculated as 2.6°C for a measured stent length of 74 mm with the whole-body SAR scaled to 2.0 W/kg. Five months after the start of study enrollment, the PCI guidelines were revised to recommend 12 months of clopidogrel therapy in all patients receiving drug-eluting stents [13]. In case of allergy or intolerance to clopidogrel, ticlopidine 250 mg orally twice daily was prescribed.

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