Инструкция spekol 211

инструкция spekol 211
Bars = 5 μm. d Percentage of stomata with various guard cell lengths in WT and transgenic lines (n > 500) In addition, we tested the percentage of water loss of detached leaves from WT and transgenic lines. Atom-Absobtionsspektrometer AAS30 Das AAS diente somit zur genauen Bestimmung der Gehalte von Alkalimetallen, Erdalkalimetallen und Schwermetallen. Asterisks indicate a significant difference between the WT and transgenic lines (t-test; *, P < 0.05) Compared with WT, there were no obviously morphological changes in the transgenic plants at the early seedling stage.

These findings are relevant for enhancing salt-tolerance via genetic engineering in crop breeding programs. Bars = 1 cm. b Measurements of the maximum fourth leaf width in WT and transgenic lines. Asterisks indicate a significant difference between WT and transgenic lines (t-test; **, P < 0.01). c The fourth leaves of NaCl-treated plants. International journal of molecular sciences 14, 13346–13359Zhu JK (2001) Plant salt tolerance. Asterisks indicate a significant difference between WT and transgenic lines (t-test; **, P < 0.01). d SDS-PAGE analysis of seed storage proteins in WT and transgenic lines. The root relative elongation rates were calculated as described in the Materials and methods.
Das Kombinat stellte unter den Namen SPEKOL und SPECORD zwei Gertelinien zur Verfgung, die stndig weiterentwickelt und ab Anfang der 1980er Jahre auch mit Mikrorechnern ausgerstet wurden. For the overexpression constructs, the cDNA sequence of OsVPE3 (approximately 1488 bp) was amplified from the cDNA library of Nipponbare using gene-specific primer pairs. For the RNA interference (RNAi) constructs, a 745-bp fragment was amplified from OsVPE3, inserted into the pENTR⁄D-TOPO vector (Invitrogen) and then cloned into pH7GWIWG2 (I) by LR clonase reactions. Plant Cell Physiol 45, 751–760.View ArticlePubMedGoogle ScholarRea PA, Sanders D (1987) Tonoplast Energization — 2 H+ Pumps, One Membrane. Scale bar = 10 μm. d qRT-PCR analysis of OsVPE3 expression in various rice tissues.

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