Инструкция sekonic l-478dr

инструкция sekonic l-478dr
The PocketWizard triggering systems use different frequencies in accordance with laws and regulations of the countries where they are marketed. And this green arrow is what I’m going to use to give myself a little bit of protection in the highlights, so that they roll-off just a bit smoother. While most are self-explanatory, some settings may send you scrambling for the user manual. And now were on to… Hopefully you shot all of this with a tripod which makes the rest of this really easy. If you didn’t you are going to have to adjust these with every frame. However there are some things you do have to realize.

Besides, the lighting may have changed or a prominent bright or dark cloud may have entered the picture and needs to be factored into the averaged reading. Two ways to calibrate the L-478 meters using Sekonic’s DTS Version 3 software Incident-only calibration with Sekonic’s Data Transfer System enables creating exposure profiles for precise metering without need for additional accessories. Reflected light metering: with separate 5-degree reflected light attachment. The large colour LCD displays ambient, flash, cine and other information in a clear and understandable way Flash Power Control:. Because meters can’t measure filtered light by design, Sekonic designers added a unique Filter mode that enables getting exact light levels with touch screen ease.

Here’s some details direct from Sekonic regarding this very subject. Up to nine readings can be memorized. An indicator appears on the analog display each time a measurement is memorized. Now, let’s say you’ve made some poor choices and want to modify the settings. Set a Mid.Tone from Tool Box to display the Latitude Scale.

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