Инструкция по terostat 8590

Высокая температурная стойкость (180 °C) 50мл 31,88 Loctite 9497 2-компонентный теплопроводящий эпоксидный клей. Hysol® PL 7000™ film adhesive, composite bonding, 300F/149C service temperature Hysol® PL 737™ Film adhesive, composite bonding, 300°F/149°C service temperature. Hysol® EA 9377™ Filled paste, elevated cure, 450°F/232°C service temperature, high temperature.

Ideal for glass, metals and ceramics. LOCTITE AA 3924 LC Medium viscosity, fluorescing, UV/V light curing medical device adhesive with sterilization resistance. LOCTITE AA 3972 Light-cure, medium viscosity acrylic-based adhesive well suited to soft PVC and metals. Enter product/service name Your Contact Information Specifications: (Detailed information will get you accurate responses) Provide any specific details about : ‘Product/Service required’, ‘Quality’,’Standard’,’Size’ etc… Hysol® EA 9395™ Metal bond film adhesive, 250°F/121°C service. The extra wire will also need to be connected to the C (common) terminal at the heating and cooling system.
Высокая стойкость к ударным нагрузкам. 50мл 70,40 Loctite 3038 Клей для полиолефинов (полипропилен, полиэтилен). Высокая стойкость к ударным нагрузкам 50мл 98,30 Loctite 3298 Клей для стекол. Кузовной ремонт- Вклейка стёкол — два в одном — Праймер и активатор для стекла Для любых автомобильных стёкол. Hysol GR2710 Hysol GR2710 is a gold, low stress/non-flame retarded molding powder, for tantalum and ceramic capacitors, leaded or surface-mounted sensors. Simple programming and touch-screen input make the Wi-Fi 9000 thermostat easy to set up and intuitive to use. Hysol® Huawei KL-G680HTM KL-G680H is a high adhesion, ultra low stress, green mold compound suitable for QFP and contains no bromine, antimony or phosphorus flame retardant. It’s low viscosity properties enables low wire sweep molding with a large operating window.

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