Инструкция по применению whiten teeth fast

However, if there is a chance of tooth sensitivity, users should opt for whitening kits that take a more gradual approach. Staying in the dark, switch on your night vision device. If the visibility is low, you may use the ATN IR850 to improve the visibility. Некоторые отбеливающие полоски содержат пероксид водорода, который очень токсичен. Отлепите полоски и выбросьте их, когда подойдет время сделать это.[6]Не оставляйте их на более длительный период времени, так как это может вызвать раздражение и чувствительность зубов и десен. Buyers should ensure that their new LED tooth whitening kit includes batteries for the LED lights.

Стоматолог сможет выявить проблему на ранней стадии и устранить ее. Next, they need to set up the LED light, direct it at their teeth, turn it on, and remain in the same position for the duration of the treatment. Использование жидкости для полоскания рта в дополнение к регулярной чистке зубов и применению зубной нити значительно улучшит состояние ротовой полости. Date — set date Time — set time Date format — select the date format (MM-DD-YYYY / DD-MM-YYYY / YYYY-MM-DD). Clock format — select the time format (12h / 24h). Units — US Standard/Metric. Once the device is powered up it will enter self configuration mode, followed by Wi-Fi configuration.

Brushing Brush your teeth twice a day, including the front and back sides of all your upper and lower teeth. Reticle Type – tap ENTER button to select desired Reticle and return to previous screen. NOTEWe plan to add additional Reticles in the future firmware releases and when added they will appear in the Reticle Type section. The gel can cause temporary gum sensitivity, which should abate within a couple of hours. The GPS antenna resides on top of the X-Sight and underneath the GPS/Wi-Fi indicator. Customize the Name and password of SSID Customize the Name and password of SSIDCreate the WiFi config file.

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