Инструкция по лего херо фактори

инструкция по лего херо фактори
The villains have special parasite heads, holding parasite brains which have many similarities to the Krana and Kraata from BIONICLE. These brain creatures appear in various transparent colors as well as black and glow-in-the-dark, with red spikes and eyes. They notice that Raw-Jaw is a slave worker for Witch, collecting the Quaza that is mined. Так, элементы, созданные в 1958 году, по-прежнему соединяются с элементами, выпущенными сейчас, несмотря на радикальные изменения в дизайне и форме элементов за эти годы. The Enemy Within[edit] Weeks later, a distress call comes in from Mekron City, where Stormer knows the Drax, the police chief.

Meanwhile, the remaining Heroes take out Von Nebula’s thugs with their new tools. New Heroes are constructed in the dozens everyday and trained from the ground up. After knocking all the brains off, they notice that Surge’s signal is inside the Hero Assembly Tower, so they head back.

The metal collapsed, falling towards Surge, but Bulk pushed him out of the way and took the blow for him. Evo, Surge, Furno, Stringer and Stormer are sent on missions to catch and cuff the villains, while Rocka (part of a different recon team) remains at Hero Factory to stop Black Phantom, who already has the mission managers neutralized. Voltix — A cunning, electricity wielding villain who initiated the Hero Factory villain breakout. XT4 — A crazed worker bot from the planet Mechna. Corroder decided he could not, and formed a smokescreen by stirring up the dust. He then escaped, returning to the villains’ base. Later into the recapture effort, Alpha 1 was reunited for a secret mission, which ended with the apparent death of escapee Core Hunter.

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