Инструкция оптимум 4220 пос терминал

инструкция оптимум 4220 пос терминал
1. Introduction e-Terminal allows you to enter transactions for orders done by e.g. phone, fax or post. Should you try to pre-authorise transactions via acquirers or with card brands that don’t support pre-authorisation, these transactions will not be blocked but processed as normal authorisations. While maintaining affordability and simplicity, it delivers a level of functionality usually only found in higher-priced terminals. The Beneficiary on the voucher is the Commercial company name you have entered in the administrative details of your account. If you haven’t entered a Commercial company name, we will display the (legal) Company name. Credit card information is very sensitive information. Do not store credit card details unless you are sure you comply with the PCI (Payment Card Industry) rules. 2.2 Direct Debits There are several fields that need to be completed. For more information, click the “What is this?” link.

Order reference You may enter a reference for your order. It will be transmitted to the acquirer. This operation code cannot be set as the default in your Ingenico account. Once you’ve completed the necessary payment details, you can send your transaction by clicking the “Submit” button.

This should be a non-issue in 7-10 days when we go to a different processing system, but until then the retail area is without a card reader and that makes small business owners very sad. : ( Please help. Field Description Cardholder’s name The cardholder’s/customer’s name Card number* The expiry date embossed on the card CVC* The Card Verification Code (or Card Verification Value) is an authentication procedure established by credit card companies to prevent fraudulent credit card use. However, if you want to work with unique order references for your transactions, and you’d like our system to monitor this for you, we can enable a dedicated option in your account. Терминал Hypercom OPTIMUM Т4220 Терминал OPTIMUM Т4220 имеет 32-битный процессор 24Мб памяти в стандартной комплектации. The maximum length for this order reference depends on the acquirer.

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