Инструкция на трактор sf-354

инструкция на трактор sf-354
The self-propelled machine was also much faster and more manoeuvrable during chopping in maize fields, and made lane chopping possible. Though TYM is relatively new brand in the U.S. market, the company is known around the world and produces more than 10,000 tractors a year. TYM offers a broad line of products ranging from 23hp to 100hp, all backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty. New features included mudguards above the steering wheels and a modern tailgate design. An entirely redesigned workstation was provided for the driver. Jiangling was founded in 1968 with a truck factory in Jiangxi, China. In 1999, Jiangling purchased the bankrupt FengShou tractor and truck company.

The operator’s workstation was designed for even greater ease of use. Дешевые надежные простые мощные экономичные по приемлемой цене минитрактора Shifeng-SF240 (Шифенг-240). Ременной привод. Parts Doc Online is the CLAAS electronic spare parts catalogue. It contains spare parts for CLAAS harvesting machines and CLAAS tractors.

The new V-chopping drum with staggered, bisected knives homogenised the chopped crop flow and reduced the clamping force in the post-accelerator. To increase the crop throughput, the drum speed and number of V-drum knives was increased. Mahindra China continues to export tractors under the Lenar brand. The two entirely new JAGUAR 682 SL and 682 S machines featured 158-kW (215-hp) engines. The harvesting performance of the JAGUAR 60 SF was considerably higher than the trailed chopper, thanks to its 120-hp engine.

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