Инструкция на русском языке kyocera fs

инструкция на русском языке kyocera fs
Rotate the rollers by rotating the coupling gear (black) at the rear end of the upper registration roller. The actuator for the cam pushes up the bottom plate which in turn pushes up the paper stack abut the feed roller. Excessive torque Check if the black developer rotates for driving black smoothly. The primary transfer drum is an aluminum cylinder, covered by the electroconductive sponge, and outermostly by the fluorine-coated rubber. See page 1-6-38. Defective harness (S02572) between engine controller PWB (KP-801) and fuser unit, or poor contact of the connector terminals.

The nip is required to apply a sufficient heat capacity to the paper in color printing. Secure the press/heat roller pressure screws (see page 1-3-10). 3. Flawed heat or press/heat roller. The right-most code indicates the current count. 1 Maintenance kit C counter Four occurrences (from the left to the right) of image counts at which maintenance kit C was replaced. Perform the drum surface refreshing (See page 1-4-8). 2. Deformed or worn cleaning blade. Causes Check procedures/corrective measures 1 . Defective Laser beam output. A. Defective laser scanner unit.

See page 1-5-35. See page 1 -5-35. (11) One side of the print (1 2) Dots appear on the image is darker than image, the other. Replace the fuser unit (lower heater lamp). Seepage 1-6-29. Defective lower Replace the fuser unit (lower thermostat). diagnostics code 6100. thermostat. Causes Check procedures/corrective measures 1 . No laser beam output. A. Defective main controller PWB operation.

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