Инструкция на крепления atomic xto-12

инструкция на крепления atomic xto-12
Depending on the country, particular and variable Warranties Periods may apply in relation to applicable legislation. Therefore, they can be shipped without instructions or individual packaging. You can now adjust the heel piece accordingly to your boot sole (move back for bigger boot, move forward for smaller boot). Now this next part is extremely important! It doesn’t mean the bindings are set properly just because your boot clicks into the binding. Then measure the twist and forward lean torque values. Also remember that the “indemnification” is only that of the manufacturer willing to back the certified retailer, not when you or I install our own bindings or screw around with settings.

This list is provided ONLY to show which bindings the manufacturers are still supporting through liability indemnification. However, if these products are in fact sold, you absolutely have to supply your customer with the appropriate instructions. 1. PREPARATION It is important to maintain consistent procedures when mounting any ATOMIC binding. Replace the toe unit in its track. 7. Clean the fl exible steel band and heel piece. The calculation of the range is made using a continuous function, that is, pound by pound to yield a graphic representation of the standardised torque range bounded by (more or less) straight lines. Adjustment: – Check together with the customer the release adjustment settings by verifying the data listed on the workshop form. Nothing in this warranty policy can exclude or limit these statutory provisions.

These bindings do not provide any systems for the release values adjustment but they supply a twist and forward release system. The Ultimate Determination of whether or not a shop will work on a binding is the opinion of the technician. Calculators, computer programs, and electronic system testers can and do make use of the actual equations however. After having completed the adjustment of the boots to the bindings, determine the indicator settings by using the Adjustment Chart according to the following procedure. Remove the plastic attachment with the Screwdriver (Picture 1). Pull the steel band forward out of the guidance. Drill the skis following the ski and binding manufacturer’s instructions.

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