Инструкция liebherr lr-1300

инструкция liebherr lr-1300
These cranes are available to use in 3D Lift Plan. We post on Twitter and Facebook any time crane data is added to 3D Lift Plan. The connecting pieces of the luffing jib can also be transported in the connecting pieces of the main boom to save space. Precise crane control The control system developed by Liebherr includes all operating and control functions of the crane and permits very delicate and secure lifting. Optimal protection of staff is thus guaranteed at all times.

Operators manual should be consulted and adhered to. Optimal utilisation of the machine is thus guaranteed. more Moving with load on the hook A key advantage of the crawler crane is the option to move with the load on the hook. Included — Opteka High Definition 650-1300mm Super Telephoto Zoom Lens, T-Mount Adapter, Lens Hood, Padded Pouch with Shoulder Strap, Front and Rear Lens Caps, 10 Year Warranty Your cart is empty. The service life of the crane is also increased with the lower dynamics on the boom. more Heavy-duty jib The heavy-duty jib is designed for maximum lifting capacity.

This puts more creative control where it belongs, in your hands. Safety on the construction site is thus increased considerably. Crawler Cranes Liebherr LR1300 330 Ton The LR1300 is a 330 ton capacity crawler crane designed by Liebherr.

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