Инструкция kaw-met w7

инструкция kaw-met w7
Drivers must be warned to turn off mobile radio transmitters and cellular telephones. Any error or warning messages will display here. If you can’t seem to get beyond this point, confirm that you’ve entered your username and password correctly. They may also be used to separate traffic from the work space, pavement drop-offs, pedestrian paths, or opposing directions of traffic. Signs used in temporary traffic control zones are moved frequently, loaded and unloaded from trucks, and in general receive much harsher treatment than permanent signs. Application Vertical panels may be used to channel traffic, divide opposing lanes of traffic, divide traffic lanes or in place of barricades where space is limited.

Where the shoulder is narrow, the arrow display should be located in the closed lane. If arrow displays are used when multiple lanes are closed in tandem, the preferred position for additional arrow displays is in the closed lane at the start of the merge taper. Move on to the next step once the icon turns green, or if an error message is displayed. Now move on to the next step… Review all of the previously entered settings, double-checking against the previous two steps. Retroreflection of tubular markers shall be provided by two 3- inch-wide white bands placed a maximum of 2 inches from the top, with a maximum of 6 inches between the bands. The desktop icon and taskbar icon are similarly styled, however the taskbar icon will have a red shading by default.

Warning lights shall be in accordance with the current ITE Purchase Specification for Flashing and Steady-Burn Warning Lights.12 Warning lights shall have a minimum mounting height of 30 inches to the bottom of the lens. You may download the entire config library or a single config file. During normal daytime maintenance operations, the functions of flashing beacons are adequately provided by rotating dome or strobe lights on maintenance vehicles. Type I barricades normally would be used on conventional roads or urban streets and arterials. When used in temporary traffic control zones, warning signs shall have black legends on an orange background. Application Type I or Type II barricades are intended for use in situations where traffic is maintained through the temporary traffic control zone.

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