Инструкция к yamaha htr

инструкция к yamaha htr
When using this function, note that turning the VOLUME more than 1 click would cause the volume value to change. Page 25: Connecting The Antennas • A properly installed outdoor antenna provides clearer reception than an indoor one. If you experience poor reception quality, an outdoor antenna may improve the quality. 1. All rights (including copyright), title and interest in and to the manuals in the library are and shall at all times remain Yamaha Corporation’s sole and exclusive property. The library is set up for your fair and personal use only. Page 82: Video Signal Information GLOSSARY Video signal information Component video signal With the component video signal system, the video signal is separated into the Y signal for the luminance and the P and P signals for the chrominance.

When you connect headphones, no signals are output to the OUTPUT jacks or to the speakers. Page 15: Speaker Setup, Speaker Placement Ideally, they should be positioned at the same width as the front speakers. Select this sub-menu to protect the user memory.

The sleep timer has turned the unit off. Should any discrepancy appear to exist, please contact the distributor’s Service Division. WARNING: Static discharges can destroy expensive components. Page 31 Use the cursor buttons to display the results. • Press u / d to display information about individual results. • Press j / i to switch between each result list. RESULT:WIRING FRONT L;;;;;;;OK [<]/[>]:Select [SELECT]:Return When finished, press SELECT. The RESULT:EXIT screen appears. Not all of the following parameters are found in every program. DSP LEVEL Function: This parameter adjusts the level of all the DSP effect sounds within a narrow range. Page 4 Retain this Owner’s Manual in a safe place for future reference. This unit suddenly The internal temperature becomes too turns into the standby… Page 78 TROUBLESHOOTING Remote control Problem The remote control Wrong distance or angle. does not work nor function properly.

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