Инструкция к туторами

инструкция к туторами
Learning disabilities should not be confused with learning problems which are primarily the result of visual, hearing, or motor handicaps; of mental retardation; of emotional disturbance; or of environmental, cultural or economic disadvantages. When you click this this button you will be taken to a new screen titled load form. Within the section of the page titled ‘Groups’ you will find a button to the right hand side of the screen titled add/remove groups. These periodic integrity checks can inform the supervisor of any tutors who are lapsing from the prescribed tutoring format and need additional ‘refresher’ training to improve their tutoring skills. monitoring the effectiveness of peer tutoring.

When you click the delete button then you are provided with a warning that all the students associated with the groups concerned will be returned to the ‘unassigned student list’. If you are happy to proceed then click the ‘OK; button, else select cancel. The final page of the wizard points you in the direction of the next task that you need to complete which is to add the students to the group structure this is completed via the group editor. When in the my forms section you should have a list of forms created by you. The first step is to navigate to the my forms section of the tool either by clicking the link in the menu to the left hand side of the screen or by clicking on the link in the my forms section home page.

Before a student may tutor they must: Apply to Become a Tutor on the tutoring website. This will take you to the create groups wizard. The complete manual is designed as an outof-the-box peer-tutoring start-up program. It includes instructions to prepare for and launch a school-based peer tutoring program in reading. Criteria can be moved up and down as often as you require. The chapter includes forms to match tutors to tutees and to conduct observations of tutoring sessions. [7 Pages/File Type:PDF/File Size:183KB] Lesson 1: Peer Tutoring. Some tutors use the module title and year, but you just need a name that will make sense for you.

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