Инструкция к радиоприемнику satellite

инструкция к радиоприемнику satellite
Top: New Satellit Middle – PL-660 Bottom – PL-880 Comments & Conclusions: Well…in some ways this is one of the most difficult conclusions I’ve ever had to write, more so because of Eton’s marketing strategy than the design and performance of the new Satellit radio itself. Each model was available in either the then-standard black vinyl and chrome style or a so-called “Wood-Like” style. (Want to be more confused? Only the E5/G5 outperformed the Satellit on a few signals by just a hair but they were very, very close, and would be hard to distinguish under most conditions. There was no overload noted with a 23 foot reel-up antenna. You take the batteries out of the radio, then remove the 4 screws in the rear cover, one in each corner. The real strength of the Satellit 208/210 is its shortwave reception…I’ve had a few portable radios which match it on SW but none that have beat it.

Zenith A600L Trans-oceanic As a “Zenith Man” I will admit I’ve always been in love with Zenith’s better radios. The 1979 — 1982 built solid state Grundig Satellit 1400 can be operated from the internal mains power supply, batteries or with a rechargeable Dryfit accumulator. The rotary controls usually won’t suffer from bad contacts, so this set is more reliable then the pushbuttons and turret tuner used for bandswitching in the Satellit 3400. This means phenomenal selectivity with best possible frequency response at any given selectivity setting. Несмотря на великолепную работу в SSB, всё-таки хотелось бы иметь еще одно положение полосового фильтра на 2,3 кГц. Не скажу, что у меня возникала в нем потребность за две недели работы, и тем не менее.

Another note about the SSB Fine Tuning: The Fine Tuning mode in SSB allows a +/- adjustment away from the center of the tuned frequency. Питание от 4-х батареек АА-типа или от сети через адаптер (входит в комплект). Габаритные размеры (ДхВхГ): 215х135х37,5 мм. Однажды купив Grundig Satellit, Вы вряд ли захотите с ним когда-нибудь расстаться. However it rather expectedly fell short when I compared it with the E1, SAT 800 and even the lower priced C.Crane CC-SW which slightly edged it out…all on whip antennas…it just was not quite as sensitive as those as you would expect. Especially if these units have been stored for years, it is a virtual certainty that, even if they were working when they were put into storage 20 years ago, they probably won’t work well now until they are serviced.

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