Инструкция к пульту whatson

инструкция к пульту whatson
For the OpenGL, GL 3.2, graPHIGS and PEX APIs, the GXT550P offers support for 8-bit and 24-bit double-buffered color. For information on FixDist, refer to the following URL on the worldwide web: Attributes provided: 4.5GB of disk storage Attributes required: 1 half-high disk bay and 1 internal SE 16-bit address. Existing RANs feature numbers 8130, 8134, or 8136 can also be used with this adapter. If these RANs are connected the synchronous channel the data rate drops down to 1.2 Mbps. This cable is only used with adapters that can recognize V100 ID bits.

Each loop will support up to 48 SSA disk drives for a total of 96 SSA disk drives per SSA adapter. The MVP is a single PCI-based graphics adapter card that has dual ports. Cabling and housing restrictions may limit the actual total number of supported devices attached to the internal and/or external connector. For 2D graphics applications, the Model F40 offers a number of graphics accelerators. Two synchronous channels link the adapter to a maximum of eight 16-Port Remote Async Nodes (RAN), up to four RANs can be linked to each synchronous channel.

Full set of modem control lines for asynchronous communications Supports the following EIA-232 interface signals: TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DCD, DTR, and RI Maximum EIA-232 distance supported is 62 meters (200 feet). Attributes provided: 8 EIA-232 ports Attributes required: 1 ISA bus slot. Software support is provided by ARTIC960 Support for AIX, Developer’s Kit or DirectTalk for AIX Version 2.1 LPP application software. Machines ordered with AIX Version 4.1.3 or 4.1.4 will require the addition of APAR #IX61149 for disks and diagnostics. Machines ordered with AIX Version 4.2.0 require the addition of APAR IX60676, IX62155, and IX62156. Note: These APAR’s can be obtained through FixDist or from the IBM Support Center. The replaced F40 chassis with its base features, less all hard disks and one 8X CD-ROM, become the property of IBM and must be returned to IBM. Optional features of the F40 system will either be installed in the F50 system or returned to you.

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