Инструкция к программе magix video deluxe 2013 premium

Расчёт на тех, кто ленится запомнить «горячие клавиши», коих в программе, как мы увидим далее, более чем достаточно. These commissions do not affect how we test, rate or review products. To find out more, read our complete terms of use. There’s nothing about 360 media in Project Settings, but with a clip selected in the timeline, you can choose the 360° Panorama section and muck around with the clip’s viewing angle on three planes. Another interesting trend has been in the cross-fertilization between consumer and professional tools. Pinnacle Studio 16 The well-known Pinnacle brand is now part of Corel, acquired from Avid along with the recently-developed Avid Studio consumer editor. After you find the tool, a long-winded dialog box tells you to «Select a picture section for which movements should follow the overlay object.» I did so, and indeed the text box followed the biker I’d attached it to, but then flew away to the top of the screen.

You can also adjust the video’s perspective (really zoom) and fisheye/barrel distortion. Das Programm wurde im Jahr 2001 erstveröffentlicht und gilt als europaweit meistgekaufte Video-Software.[1] Die aktuelle Version der Software heißt Magix Video deluxe 2017, wobei die Jahreszahl nicht mehr offizieller Teil des Programmnamens ist. Music Editor 3.0 for audio editing and clean-up, plus advanced features including secondary color correction, screen capturing, slow-motion effects, Multicam editing (for two cameras), effect masks, travel route animations, and Dolby Digital 5.1 support. Имеющийся фильм (таймлинию) можно соединить с другим фильмом (таймлинией). Таким образом, «Фильм» здесь — это почти полная копия вложенных таймлиний, которые имеются в некоторых професcиональных видеоредакторах. Movie Edit Pro 2013 is the next generation of this traditional video editor. Time stretching is really easy in Magix, too, with its Stretching toolbar button, which can fit a clip to another track’s length, either by slowing it or speeding it up.
The core new Movie Studio Platinum 12 then is priced at $100 for HD editing, including video compositing, color correction, stabilization, and surround sound mixing. It also includes Red Giant software’s Magic Bullet Quick Looks, NewBlueFX 3D titling and a pair of anaglyphic 3D glasses. Like the other Studio tools, Movie Studio Platinum 12 continues to be designed for more advanced users, offering «professional-grade moviemaking,» with a standard timeline interface and a plethora of controls and tool icons. Außerdem gibt es auf der DVD noch eine Trialversion von MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Premium, mit der Sie sofort starten können.Mit MAGIX Video deluxe 17 machen Sie aus Ihren Videos gute Filme. PerformanceAs I mentioned above, working with clips in the timeline was very snappy in my testing, and I didn’t experience any unexpected program shutdowns. Magix давно является европейским лидером в области разработки и продажи мультимедийного ПО, предназначенного для обработки видео, звука и графики. По каким-то непонятным причинам продукция компании всё ещё слабо распространена в России, и это весьма странно.

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