Инструкция к программе hipath 3000 v8

Display Enter the following parameters: Parameter IP address You can now configure further parameters or click on OK. This returns you to the Logon dialog. Siemens Informa- tion and Communication Networks, Inc. will not accept liability for any damages, including long distance charg- es, which result from unauthorized use. The call is switched to the first telephone that becomes available in the hunting group. The programs are still available via the Start menu. You can: > Arrange the columns in the desired display order by dragging and dropping >… Page 150: Edit Entries In The Directory Locate the appropriate entry in the LDAP directory.

The selected phone number of the party is called. Page 25 Installation Configuring/installing Quality of Service Step Procedure In the Select Network Service dialog, click QoS Packet Scheduler and click OK. The service is installed. Both parties can be either external or internal parties.
The edited entry will be copied to your personal telephone directory. The speed-dial keys are located in the Speed-dial keys/Dial windows (max. four). Open the window in which you want to configure the speed-dial keys, and select the Speed-dial keys tab. Enabling the Call Waiting Tone >… Page 130: Call Forwarding > To disable the call forwarding function, click the Call forwarding check box in the Functions tab of the Functions/Telephone Directory/Call detail records window.

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