Инструкция к игре бус симулятор 2009

The game focuses on the operation of various buses. Are there any other requirements needed to play the game? Press F1 or hold the right mouse button and click on the rear view mirror with the left mouse button. You can contact our technical support at.

Your tutor Ben will always be available to help you out and explain the mission requirements. In your first mission, you will learn the basics of running a successful bus company and discover the possibilities that Bus Simulator 16 offers. This will give you an overview of the game controls as well as the usual responsibilities of a bus driver. In addition to getting to know your new workplace, the beautiful city of Sunny Springs, you will also receive a number of useful tips and tricks. Гарантии Причины, по которым Вы можете доверять нам: — Программа уже давно существует и известна многим, скачайте бесплатную версию и убедитесь в этом! Beside an active route you will see a +- sign.
Press C or hold the right mouse button and use the left mouse button to click to the right, beside the driver’s cabin. This sequel to 2010’s City Bus Simulator New York moves the action to the city of Munich. Here you will find an overview of routes offered by your Steam friends, as well as those of users who have made their routes available globally.

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