Инструкция к часам xinjia wr50m

инструкция к часам xinjia wr50m
Press the Set or Mode button to save the time.Set the hour unitInsert a pen into the hole on a single-button watch to press the inner button twice. Press the Set or Mode button to save the time. Модуль обозначается числами, три или четыре знака. К примеру, если модуль Ваших часов 1667, то необходимо найти инструкцию с названием 1667. Для остальной продукции Casio, инструкции называются по артикулу изделия. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. Watches like Maserati Potenza have such a wonderful collection of unisex watches at its disposal that you will be amazed to know.

These materials are carefully incorporated on the base of the watch which makes it look classy. A: Quick Answer To set the time on a digital watch, locate the Set or Mode button on the watch. Payment can be done through credit or debit card and the company also offers a cash on delivery policy. Stainless steel watches for men are among the top sellers in Sri Lanka due to their elegance and formal class.

Continue Reading Keep Learning Full Answer Locate the main Mode button on the watchInsert a pen into the small hole that is above or below the Mode button to press the inner button. Then one-by-one the time, date, and seconds will and use the «ST/STP» button to change it. Sporting activities require a lot of movement and a person can get sweaty. So if the watch is not water resistant then it will get damaged very easily.

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