Инструкция к блютуз jabra type ote3 ic 2368c

инструкция к блютуз jabra type ote3 ic 2368c
The Jabra OTE3 is a compact Bluetooth headset compatible with cellular devices equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This signifies that the unit is on and is in pairing mode. 2 Turn on your cellular device and enable Bluetooth according to the instructions for your particular cell phone. The name of your headset should show up under the results screen.StepSelect the Jabra Bluetooth headset from the results, and follow the prompts on the phone to connect. If a PIN code is required, type «0000» into the field. From this menu, turn the Bluetooth connectivity on.StepWhile the headset is still off, press and hold down the answer call button for approximately five seconds. Connecting it to your phone for the first time is extremely easy.

Setting it into pairing mode for a new device, though not as simple the first time, is still a straightforward procedure.StepCharge your OTE3 headset until fully charged. It normally takes two hours for your headset to charge from no life. Generally, you will need to access the main menu on your phone, and then choose the Bluetooth settings menu. Once done, your headset is paired and ready to use. The process of pairing your Jabra to your cellular device is quick and you don’t need to know much about electronics in order to do it. By Andrew Tennyson Pair your Jabra OTE3-format headset with other Bluetooth-enabled devices to tap into the headset’s wireless capabilities.

Tip When a headset is set to discoverable, it begins transmitting a Bluetooth signal so that other devices can find it.Open the Settings app on your mobile device and tap Bluetooth to launch the Bluetooth settings panel. This signifies that it is in pairing mode.StepSelect the «Scan For Devices» option on your phone to begin searching for the headset. Jabra makes it easy to pair your phone to your headset.Using your Jabra Bluetooth headset can make your life much easier. When you turn Bluetooth on, your smartphone or tablet immediately begins scanning for compatible Bluetooth devices within range. Which method you depends on the type of OTE3 headset you use.

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