Инструкция к amazon kindle paperwhite 2012

Tap the top portion of the display, and then tap Aa. From there, you can select the font style, including eight different sizes and nine font choices. Kindle Paperwhite Settings 11. Change Kindle’s Name – You can edit the device’s name that appears in the upper left corner on the homescreen by going to Settings > Personalize your Kindle > Device Name. Хотя, конечно, Amazon здесь не являются лидером по габаритам, обратите внимание на размеры Pocketbook Ultra 650 из таблицы, они заметно меньше, особенно вес. The updater won’t actually ever run, this is normal. But this will ensure no matter what device you’re in front of, you can keep reading the same book right where you left off. The selection here includes many titles on the New York Times bestseller list, plus . To access the Lending Library, head to the Kindle Store on your device, and select the drop-down menu for «All Categories.» The Lending Library will be all the way at the bottom of this list.

For Family Access go to Menu > Household & Family Library >Add A New Person. Лучше хранить библиотеку на компьютере, а отправлять на ридер несколько книг, которые в данный момент читаете. И тут приходят на помощь специальные программы. Step Three: Copy the Update to Your Kindle and Install It Once the download is complete, attach your Kindle Paperwhite to your computer with a USB cable and copy the update .BIN file to the root directory of your Kindle Paperwhite. You can also create a Family Library, which lets you share books and other content across Amazon devices and Kindle apps. Tap and hold the + button to turn the light on at maximum brightness.” But sometimes there’s even two more new choices at the top of a Kindle Paperwhite, and they suggest magazines are about to become even more important in Amazon’s Kindle Store. All you have to do is use a Send to Kindle app (below) or email them to the Kindle’s free email address (#12). You can also convert formats yourself.

Прежде чем приступить к установке хаков на вашу книжку подумайте — действительно ли они вам так нужны? Another that you might be interested in is this video tutorial that I prepared several months ago. Just Tap Menu > Settings > Parental Controls > Restrictions. Subscribing offers unlimited access to a rotating selection of , magazines, and comics for a modest $9.99 a month. Конечно, сейчас какой-нибудь любитель читалок вроде Cool Reader будет морщить нос, но давайте будем честны, обычному читателю возможностей по настройке текста хватит за глаза.

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