Инструкция фв rns-510

инструкция фв rns-510
Part2 Системы навигации / GPS navigation system The Radio Navigation System. And the SD memory card system ensures a convenient exchange of data whenever you need it. You will be left with thedouble antenna lead to plug into your RNS. 6. 16. Install your GPS antenna. Ассистент смены полосы движения (rus.) Конструкция и принцип действия.

Best to maintain a good oral hygiene. 05/13/2016 I LOVE this toothbrush! I never imagined those words coming out of my mouth. Я решил, что будет здорово рассказывать на сайте про электронную начинку того или иного автомобиля. The intelligent split screen function divides the screen into map and additional information for greater clarity. Have fun1. Remove the above peice. In cars without Climatronic, this is a dummy peice. In cars WITH climatronic,this is an infrared sensor — be mindful of the connector when removing. 3. 2. Remove the torx screw here.3. CAREFULLY pry up the screen here all around the edge.

Системы контроля давления воздуха в шинах (rus.) Устройство и принцип действия. Itcontains a lime green wire, a gray wire, and a yellow wire. We will be moving the yellow and gray wires.Using the smallest straight screwdriver you have (I used a 1.4mm driver), push down on the barb of thegray wire and push it toward the rear of the connector. Use a small screwdriver to push the clip down on the blue connectorand pull it from the black connector. Match the colors to each single antenna lead.

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