Инструкция для drivecrypt 5.1

Posted: 01/24/2016 23:51:38 Top Ashot Oganesyan Chief Technology Officer Administrator User profile Posts: 770 Joined: 06/08/2004 DeviceLock 8.1 Build 62685 — NetworkLock: Added new File Sharing protocol control service: . — NetworkLock: Enhanced the WebMail controls. Common Post-Installation Tasks Backup LUKS headers If the sectors containing the LUKS headers are damaged — by user error or HW failure — all data in the encrypted block device is lost. — Added support for new webmail services: GMX.de, Web.de and . — DeviceLock: DeviceLock Management Console (DLMC) can now display the total license limit amount and the actual number of DeviceLock Search Server (DLSS) licenses actually used for DeviceLock Enterprise Server (DLES) shadow log and audit logs indexing. Please note that restoring data back to its original location only works if data is restored to the same NAS and if all root shared folders still exist. — DeviceLock: Enhanced PGP Whole Disk Encryption integration support. — DeviceLock: Cosmetic changes in the main installation package – setup.exe, for simplified navigation and use.

— NetworkLock: Enhanced Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, MySpace, LiveInternet, Google+ and LiveJournal Social Network controls. — Improvements in the setup routine for installation update and uninstall. This way you define two passwords for a container. — DeviceLock: Enhanced Serial ports and USB to Serial device support. Für diesen Modus werden auf den Windows-Betriebssystemen jedoch Administrator-Rechte benötigt, da, wie auch in der installierten Variante, beim Start von TrueCrypt für die (transparente) Ver- und Entschlüsselung ein Gerätetreiber geladen werden muss.

— DeviceLock: DeviceLock Enterprise Manager now shows more detailed information when the Install Service plug-in fails to install the DeviceLock Service on a remote computer. — DeviceLock: Fixed issue caused an «Audit folder operations» malfunction when Content-Aware Rules were set for a device. Опубликован дайджест «Обзор новинок и обновлений программ для iOS» за период 3 — 16 апреля 2017. Новых программ: 4 Обновлений: 63 Большое спасибо всем, кто принимал участие в их создании. — NetworkLock: Fixed intermittent issue that caused Skype to miss incoming messages at the beginning of chat sessions. — ContentLock: Added new content keywords groups: “Cellular Operator Call Log” and “Internet Slang Abbreviations”.

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