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Add an appropriate copyright notice for your modifications adjacent to the other copyright notices. Mode Gear Ratio 2WD 1.00:1 4-HI Part Time 1.00:1 N N/A 4-LO 2.72:1 NV241J The NV241J, also known as Command-Trac HD, is sometimes incorrectly referred to as an «NV231J-HD». It was available in the 2005-2007 Jeep Liberty (KJ) with the 6-spd transmission in any package. Just left of where the passenger’s left foot would be in that general direction. I drilled a small hole there and ran the ground wire to that and electrical taped that. These two changes help cut down on vibration caused by lifting the Jeep. As an added benefit, it prevents the transfer case from spilling fluid everywhere if the driveshaft gets pulled out. Unfortunately, the light weight aluminum construction makes it weaker than the D30 and the longer pinion shaft means pinion related D30 parts won’t fit it. The CRS rock rails bolt to the unibody in three separate places, but do not bolt to the pinchweld.

Libertys with the NSG370, NV1500, and NV3500 manual transmissions don’t have a cooler because manual transmissions lack a fluid pump. External Links Transmissions Automatics The 42RLE is a 4-speed overdrive automatic transmission. Its chain-driven aluminum construction makes it weaker than gear-driven iron transfer cases. The smaller the backspacing the closer the wheel to the Jeep and the more likely the wheel will rub on suspension components. Outside, it supports lights, antennas, and off-road flags via four pre-drilled holes.

Its lens has a focal range of of 30-90mm — adequate for most purposes. A dedicated movie record button allows users to quickly shoot Full HD video clips. These benefits come at a price, as an automatic is always heavier than an equivalent manual. Backspacing and Wheel Spacers Backspacing is a measurement of the distance from the mounting point on the wheel to the back of the rim. This knob from Raxiom not only looks good on its own but with the addition of the cool LCD display, it’s sure to be the centerpiece in any Mustang’s interior. Be sure to check one out for your ride, right here at . Shifter works great and is an awesome addition to my GT Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars Read All 45 Reviews View All 14 Photos Sort By Most helpfulStaff answersTop question contributorsTop answer contributorsNewest questionsNewest answers Not finding an answer?

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