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Write your device’s brand & setup code for future reference. 9. Operating In CABLE Mode To operate your Cable Converter, change it to CABLE mode by pressing the CABLE [] button.Your remote control is designed to operate all the features and functions of your advanced cable converter. However, the product manuals on this site are not updated with every revision of product manuals that come with the products. This site does not contain product manuals for every product that Clarion sells. If you are unable to find the product manual you are looking for, please contact Customer Service and purchase it. Главная » Сервис мануалы » Автомагнитолы » Clarion Принципиальные схемы, сервис мануалы, инструкции по ремонту автомобильной аудиотехники Clarion: CD, DVD проигрыватели, кассетные автомагнитолы, автомобильные усилители и др. можно скачать в данном разделе в формате djvu.

The mode key stays lit. … or or 4. Find your device and brand from the charts below and note the DIGIT key assigned to your brand. With these brands, other programming may not be necessary.To program (setup) the remote using the ‘Popular Brands’ method… 1. Turn on your Device. 2. Press and hold SETUP until TV mode key blinks twice. … 3. Press the mode key for device you wish to setup. The mode key (TV, DVD, AUDIO) will BLINK TWICE. …, , 4. To view first digit in your 4 digit code, press 1 and count the number of times the mode key blinks back.
Errata and other such materials sometimes come packaged with the product as supplements to the product manual, but not all such materials appear on this site. In principle, the product manuals that appear on this site are from when the product was first sold. Before using the Product Manuals Download Service on this site you must agree to the following “Terms of Use.” The product manuals on this site are copyright Clarion Co., Ltd. Clarion User Manuals, Operating Guides and Support Information: Retrevo Home > Manuals > Clarion Manuals Retrevo provides Manuals, User Guides, Reference Guides for more than 192 Clarion products. This service may be stopped or the conditions changed without notice.

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