Инструкция цифровой тюнер eno emt-320

The audio interface integrates D/A and A/D Converters for Voice band, as well as high resolution Stereo D/A Converters for Audio band. In addition, MT6226M also provides Stereo Input and Analog Mux. MT6226M supports AMR codec to adaptively optimize speech and audio quality. Yes, for sure. We have a professional Quality Control team. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Subsystem — includes a DSP and its accompanying memory, memory controller, and interrupt controller. MCU/DSP Interface — where the MCU and the DSP exchange hardware and software information.

Both PA blocks share common power supply pins to distribute current.The GaAs die, the Silicon (Si) die, and the passive components are mounted on a multi-layer laminate substrate. The VBATT pin connects to an internal current-sense resistor and interfaces to an integrated power amplifier control (iPAC.) function, which is insensitive to variations in temperature, power supply, process, and input power. The MT6318 battery charger can be used with a lithium-ion (Li+) battery. User Interface To provide complete user interface, MT6226M brings together all the necessary peripheral blocks for multi-media GSM/GPRS phone. The SIM interface provides the level shift between SIM card and microprocessor.
Direct conversion architecture with no external channel filter or VCO resonator components. Baseband features eSCO support. 3 simultaneous SCO channels. Das EMT-320 kann über ein Gelenk beliebig ausgerichtet werden und befindet sich so immer optimal im Sichtfeld. Debug Function The JTAG interface enables in-circuit debugging of software program with the ARM7EJ-S core. The custom BiCMOS integrated circuit provides the internal PAC function and interface circuitry.

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