Инструкция casio g-shock 3269

Press A until the hours flash and C to move between hours and minutes. W96H-1BV — Classic | Casio USA Actual colors may vary The sporty style of a digital watch, combined with the dependability of a 10-year battery makes this watch perfect for any time. For more details about a particular model, see the link under Resources. Use «TOP R» and «B» button to set the current year. An accurate date is an important part of how to set your watch. Press the «BOTTOM L» button once until the seconds field flashes and use «BOTTOM L» or «R» button to set.

When a setting is flashing, press D to increase or B to decrease the number. Push «BOTTOM L» button once to set the year. Facebook Twitter Stumble Google+ Save Knowing how to set Casio men’s G-Shock watch brings confusion without detailed instructions. G-Shock timepieces have multiple functions. G-Shock is a line of watches by Casio. In which countries is the repair and care programme available?
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