Инструкция android x 18 i

инструкция android x 18 i
There are two exceptions to the rule: ON/OFF — when turning the unit ON you need to press and hold the POWERbutton for a few seconds. While having Day/Night Mode ICON selected on the screen you may use the DOWN button to change between Black and White night mode and Green night mode. The weapon that is currently armed displays in the icon numbered 2, and tapping it will fire the weapon. But it can be irritating when others park in your spot.

The GPS antenna resides on top of the X-Sight and underneath the GPS/Wi-Fi indicator. Android_updateFigure 22: Updating X‑Plane 10 Mobile in the Google Play Store. The solo bus can operate in mono or stereo. Drag your finger along the bar to the left of the buttons to scrub the video forward or backwards.

For a PDF version of this manual, use an HTML to PDF converter such as . If you encounter any unfamiliar terminology, consult the Glossary of Terms at the end of this manual for definitions of many common aviation terms. This is simply a limitation associated with trying to point in three dimensions while using a two dimensional display. Next to the attitude indicator is the altimeter, numbered 3 in Figure 4 above. From within the map screen you can obtain a lot of information by tapping aircraft, airports, VORs and localizer/ILS beams. Figure 6: The in-flight menu options During a flight, tap the three bar icon in the top right corner to pause the simulator and access the in-flight menu as seen in Figure 6. Settings: Tap this to be taken to the settings screen to adjust sound volume or calibration.

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