Homelite blower hbl26bv инструкция

homelite blower hbl26bv инструкция
Things You Will Need Screwdriver Tip Plastic limiting caps are installed on the adjustment screws at the factory, preventing adjustment counterclockwise. If the clockwise adjustments do not provide the needed results, take the blower to a small engine repair shop. Non-electric Homelite leaf blowers use a starter cord, also called a pull cord, to start the engine. Make sure that the fuel is not left over from the previous season. The company increased its offerings over the years to include more lawn equipment. You may use scissors instead of a utility knife to cut the cord.

Tie a knot at its end and cut the excess cord to 1/8 inch with the utility knife. Take the spark plug out and turn the machine so that the plug hole points at the ground. The interchangeable blower tubes and mulching or vacuum capabilities make this a versatile blower that can perform many different tasks in your yard. Pull the starter cord three times with the choke on «Run.» The engine should start now, but if it doesn’t, then try «Full Choke.» If it still doesn’t start, try a new spark plug. First, find your product’s model number by referencing the data plate that is represented by the sample image.

Adjust the idle speed screw if the engine smokes excessively while running and will not reach full speed even with the trigger throttle pressed down. You can check the spark by removing the spark plug from the spark plug cap and replacing the cap. The Homelite 150 MPH 400 CFM Gas Blower/Vacuum is designed to provide you flexible operation to help you accomplish various tasks around your yard. Wind the cord around the pulley two times in the same direction as the old cord. Light the frayed end of the cord for 1 second with the lighter to seal it and prevent it from fraying. Lay the spark plug on the cylinder and pull the starter cord to see if the plug sparks.

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