Hd dual lens 720p инструкция на русском

Welcome to contact us any time and any issue will be solved by our great communications. The small dot indicates the lowest power output setting. You will see the diagonal line disappear and a Smart Shooting Solution icon will appear in the top right corner of the screen.

Mobile Applications Android Application iOS Application. In stock, usually dispatched in 1 business day Price: 45.99 US$45.99 Warehouse: CN US$45.99 Quantity: - + Preorder product is limited to 10 units. The aircraft will choose the best flight path to return home and senses as far as 300m to avoid obstacles more effectively. If the control signal is lost, the Phantom 4 Pro will retrace its original path to regain its connection after 1-minute. When finished Select Save & Exit in the menu. Check that it has been fastened securely. 2. Align the lenses over your eyes and pull the strap down.
While recording the Counter widget and Time Stamp appear. RECOIL ACTIVATED VIDEO (RAV)When you set your video record to RAV mode (from Shortcut Menu), the system buffers everything your scope sees. The number of photos that can be taken is a guide based on RICOH’s measurement method (wireless on, one photo taken every 30 seconds and transferred to smartphone). The actual number differs according to usage conditions. What pupil distance will suit me best?First, turn the IPD knob to adjust the distance between the lenses until the images are aligned.

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