Furuno navnet 3d инструкция

furuno navnet 3d инструкция
They will also couple to a NMEA2000 network. I connected a Furuno GP330B GPS sensor via NMEA2000 to the MFD12 for this test. The high contrast screen measures 12-inches on the diagonal and carries a very respectable 800 by 600 pixels of resolution. I found the Furuno display screen to be clear, bright and easy to read. The 12-inch MFD package ships with the display unit, metal mounting bracket, user’s handbook, installation guide book, flip-card operators’ guide, and a computer disk with the full 262-page operator’s manual. Odds and Ends You activate the man overboard function by pressing and holding the MOB button. Onscreen databoxes, if properly setup, will give you precise navigation information to return the boat to the MOB point. I like the fact that it only takes a single key press to activate and use this essential safety function.

During my review it took, on average, about two minutes to get everything cranked up. Connectivity When connected to the appropriate optional sensors a NavNet 3D MFD will interface with a GPS sensor, radar, black box fishfinder, AIS, Sirius weather receiver, and video. Instructions for applying this update can be found under the software tab of the individual MFD product pages on our website. MFD8s and MFD12s require a formatted SD-Card (2GB) while the MFDBB requires a formatted 2GB or larger USB Flash Drive. Selecting sleep mode turns off the display screen and drops the power usage to about 1.3 amps.

This is a very powerful MFD with gobs of functions and choices available. Furuno NavNet 3D is the latest iteration of this well-known marine electronics company’s network operating system. I’ll be reviewing the system with a 12-inch multi-function display unit. The Furuno MFD12 is equipped with a 9.8-inch wide by 7.2-inch high display screen. Routes Building a route with the Furuno NavNet 3D MFD is actually fun. Here you’ll find full page menus for everything from waypoints to databoxes to alarms.

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