Fujitsu p50xha30es инструкция

fujitsu p50xha30es инструкция
Page 42: Adjusting Audio ADJUSTING AUDIO • You can make changes to all audio adjustment options in the AUDIO Menu. See BASIC PROCEDURE OF ADJUSTMENT MENU OPERATIONS on page E-20 for the basic operation procedures. Page 40 Do not attempt to service this unit yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltages and other hazards. Page 20 USING THE REMOTE CONTROL (Continued) EFFECTIVE RANGE FOR THE REMOTE CONTROL Point the remote control at the display’s signal receiver when using it. Page 29 As the cable for connecting a PC differs with the PC model, please consult your dealer for information on the right cable to purchase.

Make sure that all connectors are securely inserted into their terminals. Press DEFAULT”. Each time you press menus appears in the following sequence: PICTURE FACTORY DEFAULT The FACTORY DEFAULT Menu screen will appear. Muting the audio Press The audio is removed.

На этой странице размещены каталоги и инструкции на кондиционеры General Fujitsu. Page 49: Initialization Of User Adjustment Value INITIALIZATION OF USER ADJUSTMENT VALUE You can restore the values of the adjustment/setting made in the MENU to factory settings. Page 3: Installation INSTALLATION To prevent the display’s internal components from overheating, make sure that the display is installed in a well-ventilated location. Be sure to use the optional stand, wall-mounting unit or the other unit when installing the display.

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