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Mycoplasmas are very highly evolved bacteria that, over time, have lost many of their non-essential genes. They are assumed to be susceptible to the commonly used disinfectants therefore good hygiene is a first line defence on a commercial poultry unit (1). A number of different agents are involved in the aetiology of this disease. For more details, please visit us in the Montajat showcase of Engormix, or our website Prevention and Control: The basic control measures suggested are- Proper biosecurity program and schedule, for each cycle Hatch stock, free of Mycoplasma infection. Res. 19:448-452. 10. Kohler, H. (1960) Histopathologic patterns of the respiratory tract in chronic respiratory disease and in infectious bronchitis of fowl. Dt. Tierariztl.

Обручева д. 52 стр.3), ООО «Ипсос» (г. Москва, Гамсоновскийпереулок, д. 5), а также любым другим третьим лицам, для целей, указанных в настоящем согласии. The poultry industry faces the maximum economic losses by increase in mortality resulting from ascites, heart attack, heat stress and respiratory complications. Vaccinate progeny against ND, IB, ILT and IBD, hatch and place Mycoplasma infected stock separate from Mycoplasma negative stock to reduce the spread of the organism. This prevents adhesion of Salmonella by CEM (Competitive exclusion method) and alleviates mycotoxins activity, besides acting as a natural growth promoter. Because of fewer genes than any other known free-living organism, so they are totally dependent on their host for nutrition and survival. Therefore, the respiratory system must function properly and can not be compromised if maximum performance is to be realised.
Severe ND, IBV or ILT reactions may occur after vaccination, especially if given by spray to chicks previously infected with Mycoplasma or E. coli. Vaccinate breeders against E. coli, MG, MS, NDV, IBV, ILT and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) to prevent the disease. Also, it adheres to meet the withdrawal time norms. Some of the known brands are- Rythrocol, Florjat, Micojat, Spectolin, Montcol, Doxyjat, Rythrojat, Enrojat, Kimox and Tiamojat. Managing respiratory disease is important to get the most out of the bird’s genetic potential.

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