Etalon 1500 инструкция

etalon 1500 инструкция
Slit: Click on the Slit button and you get a drop down menu listing 12 different slits at different widths and different lengths. Furthermore, the cell allows installation of filters up to 1 cm thick. If you plan to bring thick filters or need to use them at high inclinations, it would be appropriate to mount them in the collimated beam. Похвальные отзывы конвектор заслужил и у тех, у кого в семье подрастают маленькие дети. The width of the selection depends on a few factors, including zoom factor, and distance of point from edge of image.

The horizontal range of the box defines the pixels used for the x-axis of the plot, and for each pixel, the corresponding y-value represents the average value of all of the pixels with the pixels x location, within the limits of the user-defined box. There is also a built-in Calibration Unit with four arc lamps and a white light source. The true server or the simulated server can be running.

Apply Hit this button to plot the lines in the list, but leave the dialog open. Briefly, the f/15 focus is re-imaged at f/10 onto the slit plane inside the instrument. Re-imaging involves collimation and therefore provides a location for a Lyot stop and filters. Once the choice is made, click on the «set» button to select that PA. Take another SCAM image pair to check orientation. Никогда не наклоняйте генератор, в противном случае топливо может выплеснуться из бака и стать причиной пожара! По возможности сразу соберите пролитое топливо во избежание несчастных случаев. 1.4 Если топливо попало на Вашу кожу, смойте его водой с мылом.

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