Enc dvc-762-4 инструкция на русском языке

enc dvc-762-4 инструкция на русском языке
The vz. 58 does not have a gas regulator and the full force of the gas pressure is exerted on the piston head, propelling it backwards in a single impulsive blow. The barrel is not chrome-lined in the -2 version unlike the military and -4V version. This hammer-striker enters the hollow bolt and drives a fully floating firing pin forward with each shot.[4] The rifle uses a trigger mechanism with a lever-type fire mode selector, which is also a manual safety against accidental discharge.

The vz. 58 can appear either with its original wood stock or folding steel stock, or with one of the many aftermarket stocks available — including AR-15 style stock adapters that mount a buffer tube to the receiver. This particular rifle is also fitted with a railed handguard. They came in Compact (190mm barrel, folding stock), Carbine (300 or 310mm barrel, folding stock), and Rifle (390 or 410mm barrel, fixed sporter stock) models. In addition there was a «Tactical» model chambered in .223 Remington, featuring a 410mm barrel, railed handguard, and collapsible buttstock. External components have a new varnish coat (identical to the coating used on original military rifles). A «Canadian» model was also being offered based on the -2 version, featuring a real wood stock engraved with a maple leaf. FSN Series: Newly manufactured civilian semi-automatic variants. Limited production was made for the civilian market in Canada with an extended barrel length of (490 mm). CZ 858 Tactical: A semi-automatic variant designed for the civilian market in Canada assembled from unused parts from when production of the military versions ended.

The entire piston rod is chromium-plated to prevent fouling. The center («safe») setting with the selector lever pointing vertically downwards, mechanically lowers the trigger bar and the disconnector so there is no connection between the trigger and the semi-automatic sear which holds the hammer. The magazine release tab is located at the base of the receiver on the left side, behind the magazine well. Available with standard (390 mm) barrel length on the restricted -4V version, or extended (482 mm) barrel length on the -2 version.

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