Elekta ebro 587 инструкция

elekta ebro 587 инструкция
‘Carmina Burana’ de La Fura vuelve a casa La ópera de Carl Orff, dirigida por Carlus Padrissa, regresa en el Teatre Tívoli de Barcelona, entre el 16 y el 26 de marzo + Novedades, workshops y estrenos. Capacity : 34L Capacity 1600W Baking TrayWire RackTray HandleRotisserie set with handleRotisserie functionTimer with ring bellStainless steel heating element5 stage heat selectionOff/Top heating/top heating and rotiserrie/bottom heating/top and bottom heatingEasy Clean. This ensures you don’t over cook or burn your dish, and it gets cooks for just the amount of time you want it to. It also features a 100 to 250 temperature regulator for added flexibility.

The adjustable thermostat in this oven has a temperature range of 100 to 250 degrees celsius. Moreover it has 6 stage heating selector along with 4 pieces high efficiency s.s heating element that will allow you to experiment with different recipes. There’s nothing you can’t make, on this amazing oven that comes with a rotisserie that can be used to barbecue and roast pieces of meat for some tasty evening starters.

This electric oven has a capacity of 45 litres that allows you to make a variety of grilled, baked and roasted dishes easily. This oven has an 18L capacity so you won’t have to bother about overloading anytime soon. It functions on between a 220 to 240v and at a frequency of 50/60hz. It consumes up to 1200W of power. With a capacity of 42 litres, this oven will help you prepare meals for a large get-together or even a party with much ease. Treat your family or guests to the best baked dishes including cakes, pies, stuffed foul, pastries, and more!

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