Custom npc 1 6 4 инструкция

custom npc 1 6 4 инструкция
The Companion Script is part of the One-Click Community API Installation options. Because this is a repeating section, the macro name will be a bit messy, but you can right-click the button and rename the macro to whatever you like. These additional effect sections will be used more commonly with spells, like Fireball, where you would require a DEX save against your SPELL DC, which will be set according to your character’s spell casting level. These sheets are sorted under their respective RPG Systems in alphanumerical order. Equipped Checkbox: The checkbox changes the appearance of the Item Name so it’s easier to tell what your character currently has equipped from a glance.

Automatic Ammunition Tracking Step by Step tutorial Automatic Ammunition Track is a feature that requires the above Companion API Script. The Features and Traits block is a great place to store special notes about your character or of a certain piece of equipment or ability. You can also create a global Macro that will pop up as a Token Action button in the upper left hand corner of the tabletop every time a token is selected. Wood = 0, Stone = 0.5, Gold = 0.5, Bronze&Iron = 1, Diamond = 1.5, Emerald = 2 Machine Gun Holding right click will shoot 8 black bullets in rapid succesion.

The moment you release the right mouse button it will launch it. Увеличивает наносимый урон, подобно зачарованию ‘»Сила» на лук. 2 — Confusion — (с англ. Every bullit hit does 2 hearts of damage. (Elemental) Staffs and mana The different types of staffs have different ‘casting’ time the elemental and iron staffs are basically the same. Важно для админов серверов с этим модом. Он сильно поносит в консоль, в случаях когда кто-то настраивает своих NPC с критическими возможностями — размеры NPC, их действия, скрипты, закапывание мест респауна. В результате чего логи сохраняются в немалых размерах. This attribute will be set automatically when you select a spell casting class.

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