Cobra globe 4900 can инструкция

The internal relay and the engine immobiliser wires withstand the maximum current rating indicated in the wiring diagrams. The buzzer will beep once (if activated). The protections disactivate immediately. The form has been submitted successfully. * ReasonInappropriate contentMisleading contentTerms of use violationCopyright infringementExclusive listing rights * Name * Email * Phone * Message.

The turn indicators will also stop blinking but the alarm system remains armed. They increase the security degree during the autolearning procedure. Keep the antenna at least 20 mm far from the car body and other metallic parts. 46 GB GB 47 R R PROGRAMMING THE SYSTEM Most of the working features of this alarm unit are programmable. The installation certificate must be filled out in all parts by the installer. Do not make alterations or modifications to the system since such action automatically voids the installation certificate.
The PIN code you can find on the last page of this instruction manual or on the EMERGENCY KEY CARD included in the kit, will give you the access to the system. Turning the ignition key ON and OFF again you can program the buzzer volume the LED will inform you by three long blinks that you can adjust the buzzer volume: by pressing the remote control A button the volume increases while pressing B button decreases. Saving you money and time. So if you need to buy a car alarm or immobilisers you’ve come to the right place. With this function activated you can leave the keys, keeping the remote control and the emergency key with you.

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