Citizen eco-drive wr 200 инструкция

Your watch features, settings, precautions and specifications are listed in your user manual. Энергии вырабатывается в достаточном количестве, благодаря тому, что была усовершенствована подзарядная система. The diagram below will explain how to identify your Movement Caliber Number. Power supply comes with a USA plug attached and works in the USA as well as Internationally anywhere that has voltage from 100v — 240v. International customers will need to go to their local electronics store to get an adapter. These buttons set all functions of the watch, according to . The diagram below will explain how to identify your Movement Caliber Number.

Four solar cell segments are just visible under the dial. The user manual contains information to ensure your timepiece works optimally, for years of enjoyment. Hold down the 4 o’clock button for two seconds until the tone sounds and the second hand stops at the RX-S position. All of these watches run on ambient light – be it natural or artificial – which means they don’t require batteries. To find the Citizen Eco Drive watch that is right for you, simply go to any eBay page and type in a couple keywords in the search box. Технология «Eco-Drive» сейчас под пристальным вниманием передовой компании.
Eco-Drive models were well received, generating a third of Citizen’s North American revenues by 2000. In 2002 the VITRO technology (Eco-Drive VITRO) came on the market, where the solar cells were no longer even slightly visible under the dial. Box is equipped with 3 individual light switches located on the back, allowing users to charge up to 3 solar watches. Pull the crown out to the first position to manually set the time.

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