Cisco ip phone spa525g инструкция на русском

cisco ip phone spa525g инструкция на русском
This the extension that will be used and provisioned as a remote extension. When upgrading a Cisco 79XX IP phone firmware version prior to 8.3.3, you must first upgrade to 8.5.2 before you upgrade to 8.5.4s which is outside of the scope of this document!Download the Cisco 79XX support files. This will automatically put the caller on hold.

Make sure “Voice” is selected on the first row. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G Get an in-depth view of the features and functionality of Cisco Unified IP Phone 797xG models by accessing the tutorial linked below. Click “Submit” before leaving this page or your changes will be lost. We don’t need to click “Reboot” until we are done with all the changes on the OBi1. Have OBi point your Google Voice calls to your IP phone. Article Number: 913 | Last Updated: Tue, Mar 12, 2013 1:06 PM You want to use phone provisioning. The best way to do this is by setting option 66 in your DHCP server.

Click the Back button a couple of times and the Exit button once to get back to the phone’s main screen. The IP address will be listed on the screen that appears. Start the list now with the IP address of your OBi. Let’s get cracking. IP-телефоны от Cisco, например, популярный 7911G (на анигифе именно он) и более старшие модели, поддерживают возможность выполнения http-запросов для создания сервисов, в частности, телефонного справочника организации.

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