Casio sea-pathfinder sps-201 инструкция

casio sea-pathfinder sps-201 инструкция
Skill level: Moderate Other People Are Reading Things you need Solar watch battery Optical-sized Philips screwdriver Small plastic tweezers Small metal tweezers 1 Choose a quiet, well-lit room where you can replace the battery in your Casio Pathfinder watch. Though it is possible to install a new battery in a Casio Pathfinder, replacing the battery yourself may void the warranty on your watch. Remove the white plastic disk and set it and the black rubber disk aside. Take note of the length and placement of the springs as you remove them. Use your small metal tweezers to replace the small watch springs in their correct locations.

Prepare a table, desk or other clean, flat surface where you can perform your watch repair. Нажмите здесь, чтобы включить файлы cookie, которые используются для отображения рекламы.  Uhren | Bedienungsanleitungen | Support | CASIO «Sie möchten wissen, wie etwas funktioniert und Sie haben Ihre Bedienungsanleitung verloren?Hier finden Sie einige der Bedienungsanleitungen.». Tips and warnings Keep a small magnet on your work surface to hold loose watch screws and springs while you replace the battery in your Casio Pathfinder. Уточнить цену и наличие на складе, той или иной модели, можно позвонив в Сервис-Центр «МЕТЕОМАСТЕР» по номеру указанному на сайте.

Another interesting point will be the resin bracelet — but I will see how things evolve in time with that. Use an optical-sized Philips screwdriver to remove the four screws that secure the watch back to the body of the watch. You can spend £19 to send your Pathfinder to Casio for battery replacement or you can perform the repair yourself for the cost of the battery. Asimismo, tenga en cuenta que no podemos garantizarle que la versión de los manuales disponibles en este sitio web sea la más reciente. Contenido del manual El contenido de todos los manuales está sujeto a cambios sin previo aviso.

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