Bluetooth handsfree car kit инструкция по применению

bluetooth handsfree car kit инструкция по применению
Use your cell phone to pair and connect with the car kit. The SuperTooth Buddy saves the 8 most recently paired devices, and can connect to the last two devices with the last paired device as the primary connection partner. So if you use two phones, you can use the SuperTooth Buddy as wireless speaker for both. The SuperTooth Buddy has a micro-USB charging port on the back and comes with a USB/micro-USB cable as well as an in-vehicle DC charger. The volume is loud when working with most phones and the DSP is very effective.

The microphone hole is the left side of the car kit. Volume again was lower than the iPhone 4, and again once we turned up the volume, it was loud enough. The car kit is small and portable, and it can work in and out of the car. We love the battery life and the affordable price. Measuring 5.08 x 1.93 x 0.57, the SuperTooth Buddy looks slim and has a curved body.

The car kit has 20 hours of continuous talk time and its standby time is over 40 days. In our tests, these numbers seem to be on target. They’ve recently entered the portable music speaker market with the SuperTooth Disco Bluetooth stereo speaker system, but they intend to keep the music speakers and voice call car kits in separate lines. This is a clever design that allows users who want to use the car kit in the car as well as in the office as it’s easy to quickly grab it off of the clip. The DSP worked like a charm on the SuperTooth, filtering out road and wind noise. The SuperTooth Buddy is an easy-to-use Bluetooth car kit that has great voice quality and loud volume. It worked well with most phones we tested it with, and the built-in Bluetooth 2.1 gives you pairing flexibility. The mic incorporates anti-echo and audio enhancement technology that makes outgoing voice clear and less harsh.

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