Belt массажер инструкция

belt массажер инструкция
The massager comes with detailed instructions and Warranty card. If for any reason you are not satisfied, GESS® will gladly accept your timely return of unworn, unwashed, or defective merchandise. What do People look for in a Neck/Shoulder Massager? Feel relaxed and soothed eliminating fatigue during each day. The unit has 4 nodes for a Shiatsu type massage. It will automatically shut off after each 15-minutes of use so not to overheat.

Use it on your thighs and calves to increase blood flow and soothe soreness. Relax and let the 8 deep-kneading massage nodes get at your knotted, tense, and aching muscles in your feet, back, shoulders, shoulder blades (scapula) and any other place that causes unwanted pain and distress. Many massage devices incorporate all three functions—heat, vibration, and Shiatsu. Can only use two pads or neck massager from left connector. I will be calling them tomorrow about replacement. Press the button and let your comfort and relaxation start while at home, work, or in the car.

The positioning handles can be held and make the unit easy to move where you want it; they do not have a massage ability. The massager itself is powerful, the different settings are nice. I’m not having any issues with the unit holding a charge, it can work for at least an hour without a break (haven’t tried for more than that). Was this helpful? The dimensions are 11-inches long x 6-inches wide x 6-inches deep inside and weighs about 4 pounds. Remove the old pads and replace with new pads about once a month to ensure maximum effectiveness. Your body will get accustomed to that one particular sensation and it will eventually stop responding to it. On the other hand, IQ Massager produces various kinds of massage sensations in a random fashion so that your muscles are always in for a surprise every time you use it. This is ideal for women to use on their abdominal muscles after giving birth, and for anyone who lives a sedentary life style.

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