Аsl-500 привод инструкция

аsl-500 привод инструкция
The Bruno Chariot does the lifting for you! Model ASL-700 Mobility devices weighing up to 350 lbs/159 kgs can now be transported with small or mid-size cars thanks to Bruno’s revolutionary Chariot. Price does not include installation. — Lifts & Platform Devices — Handicap Equipment — Handicap Vehicles.

Designed for safety and ease of operation, the Chariot’s wheels spin 360 degrees to keep it precisely in line with your car. It’s impossible to jack-knife! One doesn’t speak ASL with English grammar — as odd as learning French words with Japanese grammar. The Chariot Lift from Bruno has several advantages that will likely reduce or even eliminate many mobility transportation concerns. Use the Custom Configurator to determine if your product is available for online purchase. You or whomever might be assisting you must be able to walk the length of the vehicle that the Bruno Chariot will be attached to, and be able to stand for up to three minutes.

You simply drive your accessibility device (weighing up to 350 lbs.) onto the lift, then step off, and press a button. Self-tensioning, retractable belts are included to help secure your chair. Finally, you or your assistant must be able to lean over and secure the chair to the Bruno Chariot Lift by releasing its lever, connecting the securement hook to your mobility chair, and then re-engaging the lever. Before purchasing, be sure to confirm your vehicle’s Bruno Chariot compatibility. IMPORTANT! While the Bruno Chariot Lift for power chairs, wheelchairs, and scooters is very easy to use, it is important to note that the operator must be able to perform some basic physical tasks.

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